1. Hi guys
    I make Gopro videos if you would go and help me out and subscribe then i would REALLY appreciate it! And i just wanna let you know im not doing this for money im doing this because it is fun! It really is fun to make Gopro videos. And second my country doesent support monetizing so Byeeeee!

  2. is it a gopro hero 3+ silver?? tbh im very confused what to buy. either a gopro hero 3+ silver or black edition?? is anyone with experience give me an advice??
    i see the silver and black nearly same though

  3. With utmost honesty, I feel like GoPro is simply overpriced just like how Beats by Dr.Dre is.Its just that nobody has realised it yet. Some GoPro replicas cost only up to 82 dollars, but they film stuff a 100 TIMES better than the GoPro canera. Dont believe me? Go search:'GoPro replica' on Google. The shipping is only 2 DOLLARS!!

  4. zzzzz…either do a proper documentary or do some interesting trails, half arsed shit that doesn't cover either. i hope that you gave your money to the people the same way you gave the few fruits that your sponsors paid you to give.

  5. 3.58 AMAZING!! I totally loose myself in the eyes of those children. Its like a pristine untouched, unpolluted place in the wilderness……… Can you see it, feel it?

  6. Can you help me, i just buy a gopro 4 and i tried all resolution and still blurry, i will like to see my videos like this one. Could you pls tell me the right resolution set up. Thank you!!!

  7. It's quite paradoxal how hyped up people get when watching such exciting videos. I mean, in reality, at least from my experience, you don't realy appreciate the moment on adventures when you are concerned about filming it. People just want to share it, and the cycle continues. I don't know why I am ranting about it, but this entire concept of sharing instead of being is really baffling to me.

  8. How weird would it be to live a life where every once in a while these people who have technology that is literally decades ahead of anything you or anyone you personally knew owned?  To these kids in super remote villages it must feel like time travelers from the future come to their homes every once in a while and show them how crazy the future could be for them.

  9. Незнаю может я тут и не один так считаю (просто я не понимаю по английски но вы чертовски крутые парни) this great boy 🙂

  10. Thanks for this awesome video, I have been showing this to my students for the last couple years (Spanish teacher).
    They/we think it's really nice and 'cute' I explain to them how…even knowing basic Spanish and getting out there in the world, you can put the biggest smile on peoples' faces, even with a big language barrier. Thanks for posting this! btw, if you get a chance, do "Death Road" in Bolivia, they also have some other crazy ones on like granite sides of mountain, etc. thanks!

  11. guys you made me cry in the last part of this video.. how I wish i can see more of your epic travel…
    if in case you will visit London.. I am at W11 2NN.. i am a Filipino priest assign for the filipinos here in the UK

  12. Hi,
    This is the best video i ever seen, really.
    Friends, bikes, incredible view, beautiful people, kids smiling, sharing amazing moments whith them, the nature is a lost paradise.
    Thank you for making me happy so much, gonna watch it when i'll be sad or when i'll need motivation, gonna watch it again and again just because you guys are amazing humans, sharing amazing moments with passion.
    Hight five from france mates =)

  13. im single i madea lilttle more money than your average 20 yr old and i can honestly say i can afford to travel the world at least a couple times a year and i would but unfortunately i wasnt born in the u.s so i cant travel anywhere else but my home country (: hopefully one day i will get full residency (: i wish to meet new people and new roads (: cool video you inspired!

  14. TE AMOOOOOO!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????

  15. awesome video. i did this once. I had a snapchat of this video playing and then I panned to the mountains in the background. best trip ever. cant wait to go back. i said id be back when I flew out of Cuzco and I cant lie to myself so time to save up some money.

  16. i wosh notjing more than to be able to do something that i love like they do for the rest of my life. beautiful and truly inspiring video redbull. btw its awsome when you guys hit up ojai in ca.

  17. Looked like it was going to be just another action gopro vid until it pulled at the heart strings at the end. Now even more excited to be headed to Peru! Not just to see those cute kiddos but to get one of them badass ponchos.

  18. i like watching x-treme biking because i have alot of experiences riding a bike and i just see when the go down a hill with rocks and i could say exactly where i would fall


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