1. Remember..there was a time when everyone wanted to be Bruce Lee…and la eme fashioned their organization after the Italian mob. Its just a cool way of dressing look at the bands that dress this way..korn,suicidal tendencies,cypress hill.etc.

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  3. Honestly i like it…

    they are doing what mexicans cant do between each other and that is to get along…the mexican gang cultures unites them and they, they have positive careers Nd dont get in trouble…and real mexican gangsters do the opposite….they are divided in everyway, they are some low lifes hoodlums and they they are always killing each other for no reason…ask them why and they dont know…so i think ill rather stick to the bangkok cholos they are more productive.

  4. I'm a hardcore gang member 24/7 active don't sleep on speed. Been to Y.A, COUNTY 7 different pintas, halfway holmes, rehabs, interventions. I seen it all now these fools think its a style " WRONG" its a culture not a style

  5. I'm Mexican mixed but these guys actually look okay, I mean I don't really have a problem with it. It's just clothing and style. Let them wear what they want. It's not hurting anyone. They're not hurting anyone. If they feel like that's them, then leave them be. People freak out over race and appearances so much.


  7. I'm sorry, hate to break it to most of you guys but this is NOT Mexican style. This is CHICANO style. Chicanos are people who have Mexican born parents but that live in the U.S. and themselves were born in the U.S. If you travel to Mexico, Mexican cholos do not dress like this. Cholo subcultures emerged in California during and after the pachuco era. In Mexico, Mexican men and young adults have better things to do than to dress like this and be in gangs. In Mexico they have carteles, which are far more worst than gangs but that's a different story.

  8. Hahaha They look dumb ass fuck! My wife is from Bangkok and she was like WTF! Mexican gangs and Asian gangs (especially Thai) clash all the time out here in Cali. HAHa WOW!

  9. Fuck these stupid Thai mother fucker. How the fuck u are a cop by day n a Mexican gangster by night? These fool make us Southeast Asian look bad so fuck them. We Southeast Asian are more superior than the weak ass Mexican. We (the Cambodian) slaughter every Spanish conquistador when they came to Southeast Asia try to do what they did to Mexico. We( Cambodia&Vietnam) defeated Chinghis Khan the Mongolian when they are trying to taking over the world. We ( Cambodia, Lao& Vietnam) defeated the French & U.S n kill 58,000 U.S soldier n over 200,000 French Soldier. Oh that right u Thai mother fucker is sucking the U.S dick fight against us. Even the TRG n Asian Boyz fuck them Mexican up

  10. Just for all you misinformed Americans … Cholo is a N. American (U.S) culture .. It was never a Mexican one. People in Mexico were introduced to this lifestyle in the late 80's when illegal Mexicans whom had picked up the cholo style were deported back to their countries.

    This is an American and Californian lifestyle … The birth of this culture

  11. this is not mexican culture this mexican american if you guys decided to go mexican culture you talking more dangerus then just a cholo you messing s with the real thing chinos you going with cartels wich they are part of our mexicn culture …

  12. Everybody always has to be racist on the internet. Who cares if you're Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or Black. If you're cool and down to kick it, it's all good. I think every culture has something cool and interesting to offer. I traveled just about all over the world, and every country I've been to was an awesome experience.

  13. i love the BEAUTIFUL THAI GIRL. the world would be sad without Thailand and their gorgeous women and martial art of Thai Kick Boxing which is the best thing to have come out of Thailand. respect to these dudes.

  14. alot of asians look hispanic and alot of Latinos look asian its called living near the equator the only pep tht don't understand that is white ass cave deweling Europeans those damn whitys

  15. I am amazed, I just found out about Japan, now here to. I don't hate it, I am just wondering why. Now I grew up in South Phoenix in Arizona. I grew up with OG's and cholos . So this to me is something new, I don't know what to think. But I must say that Cholo and Mexican are two different things. Mexican is a culture and Cholo is more a life style.

  16. I'm Mexican and grow up in north east LA and and its true what that guy says in the video you feel power is like you're sending a message, don't mess with me I'm not a punk it was fun it felt nice.:-)

  17. Ignorance really is bliss! I was in foster care then adopted and grew up in chicago. My 2nd foster family lived on the west side and im asian in a black gang. Very uncommon and even harder to fit in normal society but i was very confused and lost when i started gang bangin, as wer some of my guys i came up with, and everyone who has been in a gang and lived that life 24/7 knows how stressed life can really get to put it sweet. I was active for a while but i started late compared to some of my niggas who were born into it like my foster brothers. As someone whos been shot at, stabbed, locked up and lived evil as a lifestyle this is totally bizzare to see and i thought i was fucked up lol. I wish i coulda gone back to a 9/5 job like these mfers back in the day when i needed to cool out lol. I hope they kno that the lifestyle there emmulating* is all based on a lie of loyalty and family, and that they could get killed just like the guys they look like and it wouldnt matter to the 1ns shooting. These niggas would be ducks if i seen um out when i was a shorty lol. It seems like there just nieve but when 1 of um die in a "misunderstanding" theyll find out, itll b a wrong place wrong time situation fasho. All i kno is in chicago these niggas better get strapped the fuq up or walk around w a sign that say "ima lame who wana look cool, please dont kill me" lbvs

  18. If you look at the Laotian and Cambodian community in the US. They dress the same and the reason was their asses lived in straight up poverty in the Latino community. It's funny seeing it emulated in thailand. My uncle dressed like this and his ass was straight up in a gang in the US.

  19. Since when did Thais hang out with eses? Have tey even been to L.A? There's a lot of Latinos there. They look like Thailand's Sureños. Because Bangkok is in the southern part of Thailand. I don't know if these Thai eses are either Sureños or Norteños. The Crips and the Bloods of Mexicans.

  20. WTF these guys are ridiculous they are not cholos feel sorry hatred that some groups of Asian people would steal the cultures of other countries not even have a visit Mexico barrio If these assholes insurance cholos and join them really put some chingadasos

  21. I think everyone is tired of their old ways and is just trying something new because, well… It's something new. The same can be said across the board, doesn't matter what color you are – yellow, brown, black, white, red, green, purple, etc. everyone goes through phases.

  22. เท่..ควยไร california พวกมันเกลียด asian ชิบหาย เสือกอยากเป็นมัน
    เค้าเรียกว่าสไตล์ cholo ไอ้ควาย เสียชื่อชิบหาย เม็กซิกันเค้าเรียกพวกมึงว่า chinito มึงรู้ตัวมั้ย

  23. fuck wit em i bet the kung fu the shit outta u….but really tho we wearin j's wit da 501's gucci belt and a polo or nautica collard shirt. ….but dats Mexicans fron Texas….these ppl mainly emulating west coast dress

  24. Damn it's sad that all these people on here arguing about mexican this American that Chicano this and that cholo style this and that u know what fools open your eyes brown skin is brown skin as long as we keep dividing ourselves with all these stupid names and terms like Hispanic and Chicano and Latino were doomed forever if your Mexican born in the U.S or not on this side or that side were all brown we need to quit blinding ourselves we got people wanting to be like us and we don't even wanna claim our own shit what is up with that?

  25. oh thas real gangsta….✌lets watch some youtube videos of gangters and even though were grown ass men were gonna dickride them cause we seen a picture of them on fb and it looks cool✌

  26. There are some serious pendejos on here talkin some stupid shit and hatin on these dudes. These vatos are just into a different style and culture different from their own- whats the big fuckin deal. Most of yall talkin shit are probably fake ass posers that got nothing better to do than hate on other folks or just chumps who cant smell their own bullshit.

  27. props to the homies, what's the difference between this and the swag fag shit,or the skater look or the preppy look that Mexican Americans, mexicans,central or south Americans do aswell ? hypocritical damn fools don't even realize they doing it too,its called westernisation, do your thing homies..

  28. Cultural assimilation has been ongoing since the time of the Sumerians. It's no different today with many "Caucasians" acting in a manner consistent with the "African-American" culture and vice-versa. The only way to live in peace with our neighbor is to look beyond the cultural assimilation and embrace the ever changing landscape that defines and establishes us at the top of the food chain.

  29. all these idiots "saying it's not a Mexican style….. its a Chicano style."(read this quote in a deep dumb slow voice tone) okay to all the idiots out there Chicano means someone born in the north basically America, but a straight descended of Mexican roots meaning, ummm let me see your a fucken Mexican with Mexican parents only born in America. dear lord please put some sense into these people. yes I'm was born in America but my parents are mexican, shit do you every see on any test when it asks what are you, do you see Chicano on there? No bc only idiots us that fuck.

  30. It's like how hip-hop culture isn't exclusive to blacks….what's wrong with some Thai and Japanese people adopting cholo culture? At least they're just following the fashion part of it, and not the gangster part of it…

  31. What kind of garbage is this trend ? This makes Thailand look bad pretending you are a f mexican gangster is no Cool iMO. Hope they don't spread out like roaches like in USA .

  32. Somebody needs to send these idiots a memo. Cholo Chicano "gangsters" are OVER. This isn't the 1990s anymore! Now it's all about gay K-Pop and rappers with b!tch fits like Kanye. LOL

  33. This gang shit is not representing Mexico you dumbass, these guys are mimicing the garbage parasites that still exists in L.A. and other parts of U.S. and look as if they are enjoying it as a fashion not true thugs still living at home with mommy.

  34. Raza Mexican Chicanos are the shit to other races. We have a beutiful culture all the races want a mexican. But the thing is with these ignorant asians is that their claimming to be Mexicans showing the mexican flag and thats whats pissing the Raza off. If they would of said we like the Mexican culture in thailand the raza would be cool about it. you guys heard that saying you dont have to lie to kick it.they fucked up by claimming to be mexican wich there not is not cool It makes you look like a fools to us. Theres asians in the us that dress like mexicans but they dont say there mexican and the Raza excepts them.

  35. these asian fools they need to dress mexicans to be cool l.o.l. Either way Raza there soon to find out from a real mexican that there not mexican they dont speak español and there not mexican citizens. Let reality hit them when there own people tell them there fakers.l.o.l

  36. 555 WTF is THIS weenie shit?! This is not "gangster" this is Mexican Gangbanger who would beat on you dudes and tax you for your shoes. Why you talking all nice and polite in your interviews?? Gangsters don't so that shit maing! Aye heeyah! 555

  37. This is funny AF! It looks like their having a lot of fun. Near the end when they were all looking at eachother to see if they were throwing up signs the right way had me cracking up. I'm not offended and I'm glad they show respects to Mexicans. ????

  38. I live in LA and "Cholo" style is not exclusive to Mexicans anymore…show this video to anyone and turn off the sound…ask them where these guys are from and guarantee the'll say LA. My point is that it's just a style and a vibe and honestly it's easier to pull off if your're brown. Also there's a lot of Thai people in LA so I'm sure some of those cats went back home to the mother land on vacation and influenced their local homies.

  39. every country hates America but they sure loving coping our style lmao these dudes r clowns wtf is going on do the know real gangsters rape murder rob and sell drugs y would u wnns copy thay2

  40. That's pretty cool wish there was something like that where I live u know like a club just based on friendship and brotherhood without all that crime shit and drug shit and getting into trouble

  41. reading all these comments you realize being Mexicans a lot more complicated than you think that's was cool I like being unexpectedly different at the end of the day this is America we get a little bit from each other styles which we don't always admit or don't even realize look at the Cowboys that's style originated from Mexico and then some of that I'm sure originated from Spain it's crazy which is great ,America kicks ass so many styles so many cultures molding into something different creating new styles constantly and people from all different parts of the world admire that

  42. They should not play with that shit cause Mara Salvatrucha don't play with shit like this they see this they Goan take it to Heart Y los estalle como el cuarto de julio

  43. Ok cool you wanna dress like a cholo but then you wanna also consider yourself a gang and throwing up hand signs um maybe a bit overboard

  44. 1st mexicans playing out neutral now the thai peoples playing out neutral hold up that shits playout me never checc the name cuzz cripout247 never playout247 like ya fake ass mark ass buster ass esses vato holmes rejects

  45. This shits all a SET UP to bring the same street gang style to their neighborhoods. The same old cancer the white man helped create and now they're doing it there as well like all the Latin countries. This shit right here will turn deadly soon when one gets disrespected by another wannabe gangs then they all become real gangsters in time retaliating back n forth. Funny cuz when the U.S can't deport enough gangsters back to their country to corrupt them they figure out other ways. THESE FOOLS GET PAID BY THE GOV TO ACT THIS WAY. Promotions everything

  46. As the Mexicans say, "Orale! Pinche chinos!"

    The funny thing is that from a distance, they actually do look like chicanos! They also look straight up Mexican! I guess its because they all share the same genetics due to the migration of the peoples from Mongolia across the frozen land bridge centuries ago.


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